10 Reasons to STOP Common Core

Here are ten reasons to put an end to Common Core:

1.  Conflict of Interest:  The people that established the Common Core Standards benefit financially from the standards they set up.

2. Movement of Power:  The Common Core Standards take power away from families and local schools and give it to the government and business leaders.   Keeping the power at the federal level will result in our schools changing their standards each time a new administration steps into office.

3.  Reform that Relies on Standardized Tests:   The Department of Education has committed 300 million dollars to the creation of these new tests, developed by two consortia (PARCC and Smarter Balance).   There will be little effort to teach skills that are not tested.

4.  One Size Fits All Education:  45 states in our nation will be doing exactly the same thing in our schools.   What if these new methods do not work for your child?  The new math uses a different method of teaching than most of us grew up with.   Are we all prepared to move to Alaska?

5. Drowning Out New Thinkers in Education:   Common Core advocates believe that this is the answer to education reform.   We could miss the opportunity to listen to a new ideas that will help our children learn.

6. Loss of Great Literature:   The Common Core Standards recommends that students in Elementary School spend 50% of their time in literature and 50% of their time reading informational text.   During the high school years the numbers are 30% of their time in literature and 70% of their time reading informational text.

7.  The Influence of Big Money:  Education reforms should not be coming from the people in America that make the most money.  The Common Core Standards were influenced by the Gates Foundation and some of that money was able to buy propaganda.

8.  Can We Afford All This Change?:   The state checkbook is struggling with money during these difficult economic times.   How can we afford all the new text books, all the testing, the training, the new resources, etc… Maybe schools would rather use their money to hire a teacher instead of spending it on Common Core.

9.  Teaching Children to be “Common”:  Schools can add only 15% of new learning material to the set standards.   This forces teachers to stay in the box.   Everything will be the same.  Everybody common!   This is not the foundation of American.   We believe in the ideas of individualism, diversity, and choices.

10.  Data Collecting:  This should be every parents worst fear!   Records of physical and mental health, inappropriate behavior, disciplinary actions, test scores, personal information, etc… it can now follow your child starting in pre-school to age 20.  The information can be shared among government agencies and other private agencies that are approved.  This sharing can be done without your parental consent.   This issue is so serious that EPIC (Electronic Privacy Inform Center) is suing the Department of Education.

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