Constituent Alleges Repeated Deception in Wisconsin

What follows is a well reasoned letter concerning the deception involved with Wisconsin’s embrace of the Common Core, hiding of the results of 2015 Common Core Aligned Smarter Balanced assessments under AB78, and Wisconsin’s march toward test based accountability under AB1.  It should serve as a good example of how to communicate with legislators:

  • Provide reasoned arguments,
  • Crystalize your argument with a single word or phrase (in this case “deception”), and
  • Very clearly asks for action.

Please continue to make calls and emails on AB1 and AB78 to your legislator and members of the Assembly Committee on Education.

Re: AB1 AND AB78

Way to Go!  The Wisconsin Legislature just passed Right to work – after how many decades?  This freedom is truly good news for all of Wisconsin’s workers.

Now workers can choose whether or not to join a union and pay dues, but parents and students do not have a similar choice regarding Common Core and the related tests.  What happened to their freedom to choose?

Common Core was conceived in deception and we know that professional educators did not sign off on Common Core standards.

The deception continued for three years when DPI Superintendent Tony Evers did not disclose to Wisconsin state legislators that he had signed Wisconsin on to Common Core for the entire state’s Public School children.

More deception continued these same three years as DPI and local school districts were busy implementing Common Core to hundreds of thousands of public school children without holding required public hearings.

And now this legislation intends to end LOCAL CONTROL?  The district administrator is hired.  School Board members are elected.   Why this deception?

More deception when districts ask for additional funds through referendums “for the children.”  My husband and I are retired.  Our real estate taxes have gone up considerably due to new technology.  And significant overhead staffing, which I’m sure occurs at many districts statewide.

After the 2012 local referendum passed, the local superintendentreceived a 14.57% pay increase which included a $6,600 car allowance.  There are only three campuses in our district, a total drive of about 40 miles from one end to the other.  The salary survey indicated he was due for a parity raise comparable to income of other district superintendents.   Listed are salary levels.

2013 – 2014    $193,090.95
2014 – 2015    $199,090.95 – 5 weeks vacation – $6000 pay raise
2015 – 2015    $205,090.95 – 6 weeks vacation – another $6000 pay raise

School District Administrators / Superintendents are high-priced talent ($150K – $200K+) and it may take a year for a school district to hire a replacement.  Therefore, many school boards take the advice of the district administrator, which may or may not coincide with the wishes of the local community.

Does this new legislation deceptively make the superintendent accountable to DPI in Madison or will accountability remain with the local school board, parents and community?

Deception again as teachers must teach to the curriculum and are not allowed to voice opposition.  Who can parents and taxpayers believe or trust?  Teachers?  Administrators?  Legislators?   DPI???

It’s almost five years into Common Core for Wisconsin school children. Students have been taught the ‘rigorous’ Common Core standards. Now students are about to be tested according to Common Core with a predicted 40 percent failure rate for students!


Millions of dollars have been taken from the federal government for Common Core, (a bribe???). Now hundreds of thousands of students have been taught according to those rigorous standards. And now the proof of the pudding is the test.

And the legislators and DPI don’t think the results should be publicized?


I am a retired taxpayer without children in Wisconsin public schools.

However, as a parent, I would be furious that the state of Wisconsin legislators and DPI is forcing this test on innocent children. This is tantamount to abuse. With the current legislation under proposal, AB1 and AB78, the students take a horrible test and then the failing results are hidden from the public.


Results must be made public.

Legislators were elected to legislate on behalf of ALL of the citizens in the state. Not just those who are going to profit by this test.  FOLLOW THE MONEY!

  • the curriculum writers
  • the test writers
  • the test givers

But what about the children, the parents, the elected school board members, the highly paid administrators, and the taxpayers who have no children in the district but a substantial financial commitment called real estate taxes?

Drug companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars on research.  However, if the results do not benefit patients (customers) THEY DROP THE RESEARCH!  Money spent – lesson learned – life goes on to something better.

It’s time to pull this legislation and drop it from further consideration.

Shirley Kufeldt
Conover, WI