“Hands Off My Kids”

Here is a recent quote in an MSNBC ad by Melissa Harris-Perry, “We have never invested as much in public education as we should have because we’ve always had sort of a private notion of children.”   and “I believe wholeheartedly, and without apology, that we have a collective responsibility to children of our communities even if we did not conceive and bear them.”


Today Mellisa Harris-Perry was addressing her comments and she was confused on why her statements would cause such a controversy.     The reason is this:   It implies that the “community” or “collective” will raise and educate our American children better than individual parents.   That, Melissa Harris-Perry, is what makes parents upset.   Parents have seen “the village” and we don’t like what we see.

Parents also know  that, “the community”, “the collective”, “the village”, “the people” are words used in replace of the word – government.   Society is on a fast track to give up rights and freedoms to our government.    Why do people believe that our government will know what is best for our children and their future?

The following are some random quotes made by American People following Melissa Harris-Perry’s statement.    “I thank God for Melissa Harris Perry she has deep understanding of the conditions our children face when they go out to be educated.”       “It takes a village….”     “Children will not be yours forever….”    and lastly,    “People need to get rid of their backwards way of thinking and get clear on how the world is.  Educate yourself.”

Those statements are examples of people ready to give up their individual thoughts, rights, and freedoms to people in our government or ”the enlightened, educated society” (said with much sarcasm).

How are we losing our rights in education?   The Common Core Standards take power away from parents, grandparents, and local schools.    All the power is in a small group of people.   They are selling our schools an educational reform and that has the potential to influence millions of children.     FERPA laws have been amended to by-pass parental consent on data sharing.    Millions of children will have their personal information shared, discussed, and sold among government agencies and private companies.    I do not believe that “this collective” has my best interest at heart.   I think the Common Core is just another method to have more money, more power, and more influence.   These people are opening their greedy arms to an entirely new market – Our American Children.

Hands Off My Kids!

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