Resolution of Support for Paul Nehlen

WHEREAS Paul Ryan, shortly after becoming Speaker of the House, fostered almost complete federal control of education through the quick advancement of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA); and

WHEREAS ESSA replaces No Child Left Behind as the current reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, one of the principal policy mechanism through which the federal government has achieved, expanded, and cemented its unconstitutional role in education; and

WHEREAS parents, teachers, principled education advocates and experts, and other concerned citizens had little to no substantive input into ESSA and implored Speaker Ryan and his colleagues in leadership to at least slow down any floor vote on the bill so that it could be properly evaluated by the people and their elected representatives; [1] and

WHEREAS Paul Ryan, as Speaker of the House, ignored the concerns and requests of an engaged citizenry and scheduled ESSA for a vote on December 2, 2015, just three days after it was published on November 30th; and

WHEREAS Paul Ryan, as Speaker of the House, allowed an inadequate three days to evaluate ESSA, an 1,160-page bill, bearing on multiple pieces of prior legislation; and

WHEREAS House leadership, including Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House, circulated or permitted to be circulated misleading and deceptive talking points concerning ESSA’s content [2]; and

WHEREAS Paul Ryan, as Speaker of the House, facilitated the dissemination of false information to his caucus through misleading and deceptive talking points; and

WHEREAS ESSA’s language actually:

  • Entrenches unconstitutional federal control of education at the expense of local control;
  • Expands one-size-fits-all, factory-style education by requiring what ESSA refers to as “challenging State academic standards”;
  • Implicitly requires, by means of a review and approval committee selected by the U.S. Department of Education, that all states use a version of Common Core’s weak English Language Arts and mathematics standards as well as weak science standards based on Achieve, Inc.’s Next Generation Science Standards;
  • Views parents as mere “partners” with government in their own children’s upbringing and education [3];
  • Reduces the ability of teachers to exercise professional judgment in practicing their craft and provide appropriate instruction to meet the needs of individual students;
  • Makes state departments of education the enforcers for federal mandates;
  • Maintains excessive and unwarranted standardized assessment at the expense of actual learning time for all children, especially low-income children; and
  • Facilitates unprecedented collection and exploitation of personally identifiable student data at the hands of government and third parties, including corporations [4];


WHEREAS Paul Ryan, as Speaker of the House, has also failed to schedule a congressional hearing on the ways in which state departments of education have deceived state legislators who are trying to remove inferior standards and assessments from their public schools [5]; and

WHEREAS Paul Ryan’s unqualified support of ESSA demonstrates that he is more committed to the expansion of federal control over education—and to the campaign donations tied to the collection and mining of personally identifiable student data—than to the precepts of limited government or the interests of the people he was elected to represent; and

WHEREAS Paul Ryan nevertheless continues to claim that he is for parental authority, local control of education, improved education, and educational freedom, all within the context of a more limited government; and

WHEREAS the unconstitutional influence and control of the federal government, corporations, and private foundations on education is likely to continue under Paul Ryan’s leadership, therefore be it

RESOLVED that the undersigned see Paul Ryan’s removal from federal office as a pressing priority in relationship to the restoration of true education and local control; and be it further

RESOLVED that the undersigned encourage voters in Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District to vote for Paul Nehlen as the best hope of ensuring Paul Ryan’s prompt removal from federal office.


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[Any titles listed are for purposes of identification only]

George Rasley

Sandy Rios
Director of Governmental Affairs, American Family Association

Erica DeGlopper
Education Advocate, Wisconsin

Jeffrey Horn
Stop Common Core in Wisconsin
Contributor, Common Ground on Common Core

Kirsten Lombard
Education Advocate, Wisconsin
Editor, Common Ground on Common Core

Sandi Ruggles
President, Eagle Forum-Wisconsin

Ken Van Doren
Education Advocate, Wisconsin

Darcy Brandon
Citizens for Quality Education, California

Andrew Chiu
Education Advocate, Minnesota

Fred Daily
Education Advocate, West Virginia

Wendy Hart
Education Advocate, Utah

Lisa Huesers
Education Activist, Kansas

Alice Linahan
Education Advocate, Texas
Vice President, Women on the Wall

Kathleen Coad O’Brien
Education Advocate, North Dakota

Tonchi Pavich-Weaver
Education Advocate, South Dakota

Courtney Rankin
Education Advocate, Kansas

Rosy Schmidt
Education Advocate, Kansas

Angela Summers
Education Advocate, West Virginia

Erin Tuttle
Hoosiers against Common Core

J.R. Wilson
Stop Common Core in Washington State
Co-founder, Truth in American Education